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CAMERAS: Scottish environmental monitoring strategy

Published: 5 Dec 2011
Environment and Forestry Directorate
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Environment and climate change

The Scottish environmental monitoring strategy.

CAMERAS: Scottish environmental monitoring strategy


Environmental monitoring in Scotland has been developed in an iterative manner by a range of organisations in response to statutory drivers and environmental issues of concern.

This strategy provides a framework for monitoring which will encourage practical steps to improve the co-ordination of environmental monitoring programmes in Scotland and therefore improve the cost-effectiveness of monitoring activities.
This strategy will:

  • help focus the allocation of environmental monitoring resources upon the most important environmental issues facing Scotland
  • promote a wide perspective in the design of detailed monitoring strategies so that they fully take into account the information required by other organisations and thereby deliver multiple benefits
  • promote the collection of social and economic information and thereby help us understand the causes of environmental impacts and their consequences
  • identify gaps in monitoring where reallocation of resources or better coordination would deliver significant improvements to our understanding
    of the environment
  • provide information on environmental resources to support sustainable development

This strategy is not intended to:

  • require action where existing monitoring programmes are already well
  • adversely affect existing operational priorities and policies
  • impose significant additional resource demands upon organisations
  • cover research and development requirements

This strategy is intended to cover all Government-funded environmental monitoring in Scotland. This extends beyond the Co-ordinated Agenda for Marine, Environment and Rural Affairs Science ( CAMERAS) partners to the wider public sector including Scottish organisations such as Local Authorities and UK organisations such as the Met Office.


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