Businesses in Scotland: 2022

Information on the number of businesses (also known as enterprises) operating in Scotland.

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Local Authority Areas (registered businesses only)

In the year to March 2022, the number of businesses decreased in more than half of Scotland’s local authority areas. The registered business stock fell the most in the City of Edinburgh (-520 businesses). Aberdeen City (-460 businesses) and Fife (-440) had the next biggest decreases. Glasgow City had the greatest increase in the registered business stock. Over the last year, the number of businesses operating in Glasgow City rose by 100 businesses.

The share of private sector employment in Abroad-owned businesses varied by local authority area. For example, 36.1% of West Lothian’s employment was in Abroad-owned businesses. In comparison, 7.9% of the Orkney Islands’ employment was in Abroad-owned businesses.

The share of employment in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) also varied by local authority area. SMEs accounted for a much larger share of employment in the more rural local authority areas. As at March 2022, SMEs accounted for 81.6% of private sector employment in the Orkney Islands. This compares to 38.8% in the City of Edinburgh.


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