Building standards: national annual verification performance report 2021 to 2022

This report provides aggregated information on the national level of performance of verifiers on the key performance outcomes of the building standards Performance Framework for Verifiers 2021.

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7 National Performance Summary

7.1 In 2017, a full assessment of the performance of all 32 local authority verifiers was carried out in advance of the 2017 appointments by Scottish Ministers. It was recognised that performance levels were inconsistent across Scotland. Since 2017, verifiers have been appointed for different periods of time based on their overall performance.

7.2 Scottish Government monitor verifier performance and proactively manage issues through ongoing engagement and offer tailored support to those with business continuity issues.

7.3 An engagement strategy has been in place since 2017, initially focussed on verifiers where areas for improvement had been identified. This programme was expanded to all 32 local authority verifiers in 2019.

7.4 The majority of verifiers have improved their performance levels. They are continuously improving their overall performance and providing a more consistent service across Scotland.

7.5 Overall, performance trends across Scotland have been improving since 2017 (see Chart 7).

7.6 All 32 local authorities are appointed as verifiers until 30 April 2023 and a full review of overall performance will be undertaken in advance of further periods of appointment.

Chart 7: Scotland level overall performance trend

Chart 7 shows the overall local authority verifier performance trend



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