Building standards: national annual verification performance report 2021 to 2022

This report provides aggregated information on the national level of performance of verifiers on the key performance outcomes of the building standards Performance Framework for Verifiers 2021.

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4 Monitoring Performance

4.1 Key Performance Outcomes (KPOs) are used to monitor the work of building standards local authority verifiers.

4.2 Reporting against the frameworks allow performance to be assessed and compared over time, identifying key trends which provide an evidence base for the effectiveness of aligning outcomes to meet key national objectives which include:

  • Certainty of timescales in respect of decision making;
  • Reasonable inquiry of compliance during construction;
  • Management and assessment of building warrants and completion certificates;
  • Sharing of best practice;
  • Clear communication, provision of advice and open engagement, and
  • Understanding of needs and 'open for business' attitude.

4.3 Verifiers provide information on their KPOs, and this is supplemented by data on the number of submissions for building warrant applications, completion certificates and their corresponding value of work (see Annex A).



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