Building a New Scotland: An independent Scotland's Place in the World

This paper sets out the Scottish Government's proposals for an independent Scotland's place in the world.

What our proposals would mean for you

We would use the full powers of independence to ensure that Scotland is secure, prospers in the global economy, and builds strong relationships with partners across the world. The proposals in this publication are designed to allow you to:

  • live in a safe and secure country, with the defence and security capabilities, personnel, institutions and international relationships necessary to defend our national interests
  • take pride in a country that acts internationally on its values and principles and demonstrates global leadership, including by committing to the safe and expeditious removal of nuclear weapons from Scotland
  • benefit from Scotland taking its place in the world, not least by regaining your European Union citizenship and the right to study, work and live across the EU
  • share in the prosperity of a country that flourishes internationally, trading freely and attracting talent and investment from around the world
  • access Scottish consular support wherever you need it in the world, including via the pooling and sharing of EU members’ consular networks



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