Building a New Scotland: Culture in an independent Scotland

This paper sets out the Scottish Government's vision for culture in an independent Scotland.

What these proposals would mean for the Scottish culture, creative and events sectors

The proposals in this paper set out how an independent Scottish Government would further support these sectors, by:

  • re-joining the EU, creating opportunities for artists and creative professionals to join the Scottish sectors
  • becoming members of multilateral conventions and agreements, including UNESCO and Creative Europe, receiving support for our cultural sectors, and also giving Scotland a say in how these organisations are run
  • supporting the Scottish creative sectors on the world stage through Scottish embassies, building on the 'Scotland House' model, which operates under devolution in London and Brussels and promote these sectors
  • unlocking the full range of policy and fiscal levers to support our creative economy, targeting support for the specific needs of these industries in Scotland
  • building on the success of our festivals, ensuring they remain diverse, vibrant and international through supporting touring from international artists and creative professionals



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