Building a New Scotland: Culture in an independent Scotland

This paper sets out the Scottish Government's vision for culture in an independent Scotland.

What these proposals would mean for you

This paper sets out how the powers of independence would protect and enhance our access to culture.

The proposals in this paper set out how independence would:

  • build on advances under devolution to improve access to culture for all, including children and young people
  • make it easier for individuals and organisations to take part in international cultural events through re-joining the EU and resuming freedom of movement
  • enable the establishment of a new Scottish public service broadcaster, developed in consultation with audiences and industry, to reflect the specific needs, interests and values of Scottish audiences and the creative industries
  • provide future Scottish Governments with the power to determine the list of events that should be available to broadcast free-to-air to reflect the interests of Scottish audiences – including national sporting events such as Scotland's men's and women's football qualifiers for the World Cup and European Championships
  • support a new Scottish public service broadcaster to work with counterparts across the UK and internationally to ensure continued access to the programming we know and love
  • enhance the diversity of cultural events available, by making it easier for international creative professionals to perform in Scotland and work within the creative sector
  • provide future Scottish Governments with powers to ensure that our culture and creative sectors have adequate and appropriate support to develop and thrive, ensuring people in Scotland can participate in cultural life, and Scotland's culture and creative sectors can continue to reach audiences across the world



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