Bringing up children: your views

Key messages received from engagement with those with a parenting role, to help shape the development of the national parenting strategy.

What do you think about information available?

Some parents feel there is plenty information available whereas other parents feel they can never have enough. Some of you said you find there is too much conflicting advice and you are not sure which source of information to trust. Many parents said having information about what local services are available in their area would be very helpful. Some parents feel a central point for parenting issues would also be good.

Dads told us they feel the information is geared towards mums and that more is needed for dads. Different groups of people with a parenting role and their own unique circumstances said more information would be helpful, including kinship carers, grandparents and parents of children with additional support needs.

Parents told us:

  • They want information in easy-read formats
  • DVDs are helpful
  • Face to face is better than any leaflet
  • A good, reliable website would be helpful, like a national parenting website
  • Information on transition to parenthood would be useful


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