Bringing up children: your views

Key messages received from engagement with those with a parenting role, to help shape the development of the national parenting strategy.

What are the most common things you need help with?

Parents are looking for information about where to get suitable childcare and want help with the cost. Parents want childcare provision to be more flexible to suit their family needs.

"Longer nursery hours - it's really difficult to do anything, especially if you have other kids, due to pressures on time."

Child development:
Parents want to understand the different stages of their child's development and how to support this positively.

Nursery, school and education:
Parents are looking for information about enrolling children into nursery, how to decide what nursery, what age a child starts and what to expect for their children. Parents want more information about links between nurseries and schools and how to secure a place at their choice of primary school. Parents want to know more about their child's education and how to help them with homework and how to deal with issues such as bullying.

Financial advice:
Parents want advice on how to budget, especially those on lower incomes, how to access benefits and who to go to for financial advice and help to fill in forms.

Children and young people's behaviour:
Parents are looking for practical tips on managing children's behaviour. This includes advice on how to discipline children and how to confidently support children's range of emotions including advice and tips about handling temper tantrums. Parents also want to understand teenager behaviour.

"Where some schools have different finishing times, it would be better if all classes finished at the same time to avoid parents and young children having to hang around."

Health issues:
Parents are looking for medical advice from nappy rash and teething to dealing with colic and caring for premature babies.

Parents want to know how to get help for themselves as adults, i.e. dealing with domestic abuse, stress, drug use and depression. Many parents also said about the need to find time for themselves to recharge their batteries.

Social activities:
Parents want to know about social activities they can do with their children which are free or affordable in their local area. Parents want to know what's vailable for teenagers, what groups, clubs and activities they could join.

Parents are looking for advice on breast-feeding, when to wean them, what to feed them, dealing with fussy eating and how to get everyone eating together.

"Reassurance about what is normal."

Use of nappies, toilet training:
Parents are looking for information on the kind of nappies to use, tips for toilet training and advice on how to deal with bed-wetting.

Sleeping patterns and routines:
Parents want to know how to get their children to sleep at night and advice on the best way of establishing a bed time routine.

Parents are looking for relationship advice and support, including advice and support for families separating; where to go and who to ask for help.

"All the wee things and the big things."


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