Bringing up children: your views

Key messages received from engagement with those with a parenting role, to help shape the development of the national parenting strategy.

Best things about being a parent your views

"unconditional love, loving them loving us"

Kisses and cuddles

Watching your children grow

Raising happy and healthy children

Helping them learn

Pride when they achieve milestones

Helps us value the roles of parents and family

Knowing I am doing an important job bringing up my children

Being part of a family unit

First milestones, crawling, talking and walking

Playing, reading, spending time, having fun together

Opportunity to see life through their eyes

Saving the kids the trauma of going into care and living with strangers

Kids bring happiness that money can't buy

To show them the right path so they don't make the same mistakes as me.

Being there for your kids no matter what

Seeing bits of yourself in them

Hearing your child laugh just melts your heart

Hugs for no reason and when they are adults and they still hug you for no reason

Seeing your child take risks and succeed

Making new friends at parent groups

When your child achieves something, no matter how small, it is a pleasure, particularly if they have to overcome a disability

Their face lighting up when they see you

Seeing them leave home to university, being able to cope and manage life independently

Watching your great achievement achieve

Watching them become parents

Having a close relationship

Parenting can be:




but can also be:




Having a child is the best thing in the world. It changes your life in the most magical way.

When they say they love you


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