The Brexit vote, 5 years on - what do we know so far?

This note summarises the evidence so far of the impacts on Brexit on Scotland. It sets out early evidence related to areas such as trade, the workforce and EU programmes.


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5. All trade comparisons are sourced from HMRC Overseas Trade Statistics (OTS) which provides detailed UK trade in goods information. This is the preferred source as it allows for comparison at commodity level, which is unavailable in ONS statistics. Trade in gold has been excluded from the figures and calculations. Some of the quoted figures differ from those also published by ONS. Although the ONS use the same HMRC data source, they make adjustments to account for seasonality and to ensure consistency with a Balance of Payments (BoP) basis. However we use the HMRC OTS data as it provides the necessary detail to assess performance of some of the key commodities for Scotland's exports.

6. Monthly trade figures were relatively more volatile in 2019 than in 2018 due to the stockpiling activity associated with the EU exit deadlines in March and October 2019. Monthly figures in 2020 were skewed by the impact of the pandemic. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) also compare 2021 trade data with equivalent 2018 data for the same reasons.

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13. Over half (approx. £435 million) of all Scottish fish and seafood exports bound for the EU go to France. Much of the remaining exports go to Spain (£91 million), Italy (£56 million), the Irish Republic (£46 million) and Germany (£39 million). In 2019, seafood accounted for 57% of Scotland's overall food exports and had a total value of £1.02 bn.

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