After Brexit: The UK Internal Market Act and devolution

Devolution has benefitted Scotland hugely, allowing decisions that matter to people in Scotland to be taken here. Developments since the Brexit vote put this at risk - culminating in the UK Internal Market Act, which directly constrains devolution. This paper explains why and the choice we now face.


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2. This approach sought to explore common ground with the UK Government around a solution that would protect Scotland's place in the EU single market from within the UK:


4. The Scottish Government's proposals set out a prospectus for a rebalancing of powers in the UK to take account of EU exit, with additional powers in areas like migration and employment rights coming to Scotland. These proposals were similarly rejected without meaningful consideration.

5. There has been some recognition at Westminster of the need for a fundamental cultural and attitudinal shift in how devolution is recognised and respected as a permanent part of the UK's constitutional arrangements. The Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee for example produced a report in 2017 on Brexit and devolution that recognised the implications of EU exit for the UK's constitutional arrangements: Devolution and Exiting the EU: reconciling differences and building strong relationships - Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee - House of Commons (

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7. See Annex C for analysis of economic performance during modern devolution.


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31. Para 75 highlights that similar provisions apply to goods, under section 8.

32. When the Internal Market Bill was originally introduced, it contained provisions that would have allowed for UK Ministers to act in conflict with international law by acting in contradiction to the EU Withdrawal Agreement in respect of the Northern Ireland Protocol. It would have enabled the UK Government to disregard parts of the Protocol agreement with the EU on state aids, unfettered Northern Irish access to British markets and tariffs on goods moving from Great Britain to Northern Ireland. The EU launched infringement proceedings against the UK Government in respect of this part of the Bill and the Withdrawal Agreement; and the relevant clauses received criticism in the House of Lords with peers removing them. The UK Government initially reintroduced the clauses, but eventually conceded to further amendments from peers which stripped the clauses from the Bill.

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