A Blueprint for Fairness: Final Report of the Commission on Widening Access

A Blueprint for Fairness presents a system wide plan to achieve equal access to higher education.

Annex A

Commission Membership

  • Dame Ruth Silver (Chair)
  • Jean Carwood-Edwards, Chief Executive, Early Years Scotland
  • Russell Gunson, Director, Director, IPPR Scotland (Institute of Public Policy Research)
  • Ali Jarvis, Former Chair of the SFC Access & Inclusion Committee and Interim Chair, Glasgow Colleges' Regional Board
  • Gerry Lyons, Head Teacher, St Andrews Secondary School, Glasgow
  • Helen Martin, Assistant Secretary, Scottish Trades Union Congress
  • Liz McIntyre, Principal, Borders College
  • Maureen McKenna, Executive Director of Education, Glasgow City Council
  • Professor Anton Muscatelli, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, University of Glasgow
  • Conor Ryan, Sutton Trust
  • Vonnie Sandlan, President, NUS Scotland
  • Caroline Stuart, Oracle Ltd
  • Professor Petra Wend, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh

Scottish Government

  • Lynn Graham (Head of Secretariat)
  • Stephen O'Neill
  • Ryan Scott
  • Supported by: Rebekah Widdowfield

Scottish Funding Council:

  • Fiona Burns
  • Carina MacRitchie
  • Supported by: John Kemp


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