Biomass action plan for Scotland

Biomass action plan for Scotland.

ANNEX B - Related policy documents


A Forward Strategy for Scottish Agriculture, 2005.

A Forward Strategy for Scottish Agriculture: Next Steps, 2006.

Choosing our Future: Scotland's Sustainable Development Strategy

Draft Scottish Planning Policy statement 6 ( NPPG 6)

FREDS Biomass Energy Group report: Promoting and Accelerating the Market Penetration of Biomass Technology in Scotland, 2005

Going for green growth: a green jobs strategy for Scotland, 2005

Non-municipal Waste Framework and Action Plan

Scottish Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan

Scottish Climate Change Programme, 2006

Scottish Executive response to ERDC biomass enquiry, 2006.

Scottish Forestry Strategy, 2006

Scottish National Waste Plan, 2003

Scottish National Waste Strategy, 1999

Scottish Parliament ERDC: Inquiry into developments in the biomass industry, 2006

Scottish Planning Policy statement 10 - waste

Scottish Rural Development Plan 2000-2006

Scottish Rural Development Plan 2007-2013

Securing a renewable future: Scotland's Renewable Energy, 2003

White Paper: Scotland's Transport Future, 2004.

UK Policy Documents

Biomass Task Force report, 2006.

Government response to Biomass Task Force report, 2006.

Power from the People: UK Microgeneration Strategy.

Recommendations of the Sustainable Procurement Task Force.

Securing the Future: UK Government Sustainable Development Strategy.

UK biofuels strategy, .

UK Climate Change Programme 2006.

UK Energy Review, 2006.

UK Energy White Paper, 2003.

UK National non-food crops strategy, .

UK Sustainable Development Action Plans.

UK Parliament EFRA committee bioenergy inquiry.

UK Air Quality Strategy.

Clean Air Act 1993.

Waste Incineration Directive, 2000.

EU policy documents

An EU Strategy for Biofuels, 2006. COM 2006/34.

Biomass Action Plan Impact Assessment, 2005. SEC 2005/1573.

Biomass Action Plan, 2005. COM 2005/628/EC.

Community guidelines on State aid for environmental protection, 2001. OJ 2001/C 37/03.

Directive on the Promotion of Biofuels for Transport, 2003. COM 2003/30/EC.

Directive on the promotion of cogeneration, 2004. CO 2004/8.

Doing more with Less, Green Paper on Energy Efficiency, 2005. COM 2005/265.

Electricity from Renewable Energy Sources, 2001. COM 2001/77/EC.

EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, 2002. COM 2002/91/EC.

Fuel Quality Directive, 1998. COM 98/70.

Green Paper: A European Strategy for Sustainable, Competitive and Secure Energy, 2006. COM 2006/105.

Guidelines on National Regional Aid for 2007-2013, 2006. OJ 2006/C 54/08.

How much biomass can Europe use without harming its environment?, 2005. EEA 2/2005.

Implementation of the Community Strategy and Action Plan on Renewable Energy Sources (1998 - 2000), 2001. COM 2001/69/EC

Restructuring the Community framework for the taxation of energy products and electricity, 2003. COM 2003/96.

The share of Renewable Energy in the EU, 2005. COM 2004/366/EC.

White Paper: Energy for the future - renewable sources of energy, 1997. COM 97/599/EC.

Other references

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DTI, 2004. Renewable Supply Chain Gap Analysis.

DTI, 2004. Renewables Innovation Review.

DTI, 2005. Proposals for introducing a Code for Sustainable Homes. A consultation paper.

FREDS, 2005. Scotland's Renewable Energy Potential: Realising the 2020 Target - Future Generation Group Report.

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Scottish Executive, 2006. Scottish Energy Study.

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SEERAD, 2006. Review of Greenhouse Gas Life Cycle Emissions, Air Pollution Impacts and Economics of Biomass Production and Consumption in Scotland.

SEPA, 2004. Guidelines for the Thermal Treatment of Municipal Waste.

SEPA, 2006. Analysis of Current Biowaste Arisings and Treatment Methodologies in Scotland.

SEPA, 2006. Is it waste? Is it waste? - Understanding the definition of waste.

WRAP, 2006. Environmental Benefits of recycling: An international review of life cycle comparisons for key materials in the UK recycling sector.

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