Biomass action plan for Scotland

Biomass action plan for Scotland.


10.1 The Biomass Action Plan for Scotland for the first time pulls together a comprehensive picture of the breadth of initiatives and actions being taken forward by the public and private sectors to develop the bioenergy industry in Scotland. The wealth of activities and range of stakeholders demonstrates the considerable momentum towards a vibrant bioenergy industry Scotland, offering benefits of economic development, jobs, energy security and helping meet our commitments under "Changing Our Ways" - the Scottish Climate Change Programme. The aim of the Biomass Action Plan is to ensure development takes place in a strategic and coordinated way.

10.2 Key strategic developments are already in place across the heat, electricity and transport sectors. Support for electricity generation is already in place and the Executive will be contributing to the UK Energy Review to ensure biomass can contribute to our targets. The construction of the first purpose-built biomass plant in Scotland by E.ON is a first step in building up a large-scale biomass industry. Development of the heat market both for heat-only and CHP is a key objective and will be a focus for the Executive over the coming year. This is demonstrated by the support provided for two new key developments, the proposals for CHP by Balcas at Invergordon and UPM Caledonian Paper at Irvine which mark a giant leap forward in biomass development. The Renewable Heat Strategy and the Scottish Biomass Support Scheme will strengthen this sector and mark a step-change in the development of the industry. For transport, the Renewables Transport Fuels Obligation and the National Transport Strategy to be published next year also demonstrate our commitment to supporting this sector.

10.3 The Action Plan will provide a focus for the public sector, industry and individuals to maximise the opportunities for growth, jobs and sustainability offered by the expansion of a biomass sector. It sets out a framework to take forward and expand the supply and use of biomass for heat, electricity and transport. Given the cross-cutting nature of biomass policy, future development will be influenced by key developments such as the incentives available through LMCs, Air Quality Standards and environmental policy initiatives.

10.4 The Action Plan also identifies actions being taken across planning, procurement and regulation by the Scottish public sector to provide a positive framework for the development of biomass while ensuring we maintain our commitment to high standards of environmental quality and meeting commitments on public procurement. Public procurement is a key driver for development. A number of public sector organisations have already installed biomass equipment and taken a lead in the use of biofuels.

10.5 The Interdepartmental Bioenergy Group, comprising relevant Executive policy areas, will oversee the implementation of the Action Plan to ensure that biomass policy is developed in a way that considers all diverse interests and ensures a strategic approach is adopted.

10.6 In addition, the Executive will continue to engage external stakeholders to ensure we collectively move the sector forward.

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