Becoming a Good Food Nation: an analysis of consultation responses

Full analysis of responses to the consultation on development of a revised national food and drink policy.


Q1: How important do you think it is that we aim to be a Good Food Nation?

Q2: How would we know when we had got there? What would success look like?

Q3: Do you agree with the proposed vision? How would you improve it?

Q4: How would your life be better? What does being a Good Food Nation mean in your locality?

Q5: Are there any other essential steps we need to take before setting out on this journey?

Q6: How do you think a Food Commission could best help?

Q7: In what areas should indicators be set to check we are on track towards our goals?

Q8: What are your views on the different approaches that could be taken to help us become a Good Food Nation?

Q9: Do you agree with the proposed initial focus on:

  • Food in the public sector
  • A children's food policy
  • Local food
  • Good food choices, and
  • Continued economic growth?

Q10: Which other areas would you prioritise?

Q11: What other steps would you recommend?

Q12: What else should be considered?

Q13: What steps do you plan to take to help Scotland on the journey toward becoming a Good Food Nation - in the next month and the next 12 months?

Q14: How did you find out about this consultation document?



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