Organ and tissue donation: baseline report 2021

Data about organ and tissue donation in Scotland prior to implementation of ‘The Human Tissue (Authorisation) (Scotland) Act 2019’, organised into three main categories: public attitudes, workforce, monitoring data.

Stakeholder Engagement Activities

Between August 2020 and March 2021, a range of outreach and activities were completed, illustrated by Tables 11 - 15.

Table 11: Stakeholder and content outputs

Invested Partners

Age Scotland

British Heart Foundation

Carers Trust Scotland

Health & Social Care Alliance

Muslim Council of Scotland

Scottish Commission for Learning Disabilities

Scottish Council of Jewish Communities

Scottish Ahlul Bayt Society

Young Scot

Content Creation

  • Distribute law change editorial, digital assets, and social posts for inclusion on their websites and social channels.
  • Explore interest in creating tailored collateral in collaboration with partners including editorial, infographics, talking head films (sharing their perspectives).

Table 12: Partnership Support and content outputs

Partnership Support

BEMIS (Black and Ethnic Minority Infrastructure in Scotland)

Scottish Refugee Council

MECOPP (Minority Ethnic Carers of Older People Project)

Scottish Public Health Network


Local Authority Communication Teams

Content Creation

  • Co-create campaign assets in different formats/languages for seldom heard groups in particular.

Table 13: Committees list and content outputs

Organ Donation Committees


Law change overview document

Content Creation

  • Two newsletters issued to Organ Donation Committee Chairs in Sept and Dec 2020.
  • Law change overview document circulated in Dec 2020.

Table 14: Engagement activities

Engagement Activities

Faith & Religion Webinars

Almeezan Community – Sept 2020

Aberdeen Mosque – Oct 2020

Multi-faith Event – Nov 2020

Hindu Community – Dec 2020

Sikh Community – Dec 2020

Muslim, Shia Community – Jan 2021

Hindu Community – Feb 2021

Hindu Bengali Community – Mar 2021

Muslim Community – Mar 2021

Law Change Awareness Sessions

Nine virtual awareness sessions during November 2020 to raise awareness of the law change and seek stakeholder support.

Table 15: Public Information

Public Information

Schools resource

Purpose: To inform primary and secondary school pupils about organ and tissue donation and transplantation, and specifically inform secondary school pupils about the choices they have and the importance of making a donation decision before they reach their 16th birthday.

Status: Currently being created, and aim is to release both schools resources mid November 2021.

In-home letter to 15 year olds

Purpose: to tell those reaching their 16th birthday about the law and the choices that they have.

Status: The letters were issued in April 2021 for a five year period. The letters are also available in different languages and accessibility formats including BSL, audio-impairment, easy read, large print etc on the Organ Donation Scotland website.

Accessibility leaflets

Purpose: A household leaflet to reach a number of different audience groups, according to different languages needs and accessibility requirements e.g. BSL, audio-impairment, easy read, large print etc. This available on the website and promoted via social media and stakeholder channels.

Status: Leaflets were available on the website in February 2021.

Faith Leaflets

Purpose: Four new faith leaflets, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Jewish created to provide information about organ donation and religious beliefs which were co-produced with members of each faith.

Status: The leaflets are available in English and have also been translated in each language and are available on the Organ Donation Scotland website.

Organ Donor Register

Table 16: Organ Donor Register
Year Date Opt-in Opt-out Withdrawals
2020 Jan-20 9973 3129 40
Feb-20 8104 1010 45
2019 2019 total 112729 6796 695
Jan-19 10583 75 60
Feb-19 9433 142 88
2018 2018 total 112193 3677 1195
Jan-18 9602 135 58
Feb-18 8563 640 61



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