Bairns' Hoose: project plan

This project plan sets out the steps we will take to meet our Programme for Government Commitment which aims to ensure that all eligible children in Scotland will have access to a ‘Bairns’ Hoose’ by 2025.

Strategic context

As highlighted in A Fairer, Greener Scotland: Programme for Government 2021-22, the Scottish Government aims to ensure that all eligible children who are victims or witnesses to abuse or violence will have access to the services of a 'Bairns' Hoose' by 2025.

That means the services they need will all be available via a coordinated approach designed to reduce the number of times children have to recount their experiences to different professionals.

Children below the age of criminal responsibility, whose behaviour has caused harm, will also have access to the support and recovery services it will provide.

The Bairns' Hoose Vision sets out in broad terms our vision of how Barnahus should be implemented in Scotland, the values which should underpin the model and our approach to its practical implementation.



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