Bairns' Hoose: project plan

This project plan sets out the steps we will take to meet our Programme for Government Commitment which aims to ensure that all eligible children in Scotland will have access to a ‘Bairns’ Hoose’ by 2025.


Barnahus is internationally recognised as an evidence-based model of excellence for children and families. The Barnahus model was established in Iceland in 1998. It seeks to provide a trauma-informed response to child victims and witnesses of serious and traumatic crimes in a familiar and non-threatening setting.

The international model has at its heart 4 key principles:

  • respect for the participatory rights of the child by ensuring they are heard and receive information and support to exercise their rights
  • multidisciplinary and interagency collaboration during investigations and procedures with the aim of avoiding re-traumatisation and securing outcomes that are in the best interests of the child
  • comprehensive, accessible services to meet the complex, individual needs of the child and their non-offending family or caregivers
  • ensuring high professional standards, training and resources for those working with child victims and witnesses.



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