Attainment Scotland Fund evaluation: thematic evaluation summary report 2024

This report provides a summary of three thematic aspects of evaluation from year 1 of the new Attainment Scotland Fund evaluation. It provides an introduction to the thematic evaluation strand, a summary of the three thematic areas and a concluding section bringing together the interconnections.

Thematic Evaluation

The ASF Evaluation Strategy included a new thematic strand of evaluation, designed to respond to emerging system priorities and to provide learning and increase the evidence base on ‘what works and what could be improved, for whom, and in what circumstances’ at the thematic level. The consideration of a range of thematic areas is an integral part of the new Evaluation Strategy, allowing an in-depth focus on collaboratively agreed key areas of enquiry.

Discussions with internal and external groupings (ASF Evaluation Working Group and Evaluation Advisory Panel) suggested three initial areas for thematic exploration, based on areas of continued exploration, emerging priorities and new areas of focus. These are:

  • Families and Communities
  • Readiness to Learn
  • Engagement in Decision-making/Voice (children and young people, families and communities)



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