Attainment Scotland Fund evaluation: thematic evaluation summary report 2024

This report provides a summary of three thematic aspects of evaluation from year 1 of the new Attainment Scotland Fund evaluation. It provides an introduction to the thematic evaluation strand, a summary of the three thematic areas and a concluding section bringing together the interconnections.

The Attainment Scotland Fund (ASF)

The Scottish Attainment Challenge’s (SAC) Mission is to use education to improve outcomes for children and young people impacted by poverty, with a focus on tackling the poverty-related attainment gap. It is supported by the Attainment Scotland Fund (ASF), which aims to deliver improvements in Scotland’s schools in literacy, numeracy, and health and wellbeing for children affected by poverty. The ASF is made up of various funding streams totalling £1 billion, including Strategic Equity Funding (SEF), Pupil Equity Funding (PEF) and Care Experienced Children and Young People Funding (CECYP).



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