Mobile abattoirs - viability and sustainability: report

The findings of a study carried out to determine whether or not mobile slaughter units (MSUs) would be viable in Scotland.




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8 The “one-year standstill” interpretation was checked with RESAS and is not considered to be applicable. Standstill periods were provided and are outlined in Section 3.2.2



11 Contact has been made with the Skye and Lochalsh Community Feasibility Group, but the consultation is outstanding at the current time.



14 Consultation with ABA Chem

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22 The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAFF) evolved into DEFRA, with devolved responsibilities in Scotland.

23 Scottish Government data for 2018.

24 It is also understood (discussion with Orkney butcher) that around September to November there would be demand for the slaughter of circa 250 rare breed sheep (North Ronaldsay).

25 One of the respondents answering “no” operates an island abattoir and has concerns about the impacts of MSUs on business.

26 FSS, webpage:

27 Assumed that the cost of the MSU without chill capacity (one tractor + trailer) is 67% of the £922,727 (one tractor plus the MSU trailer and chill trailer).

28 Costs based on exchange rate of 1.1 Euros to 1.0 Pounds Sterling.

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30 Jun-Sep’18. Base: 3,633 British supermarket shoppers / 107 fresh red meat shoppers

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32 This was discussed with the APHA as a potential way of defining timescales for collection of ABP waste.

33 Guidance on how gut content can be spread to land is available at:

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36 Enscape have not been able to source UK based customer demand research to date. However the Australian research referenced by Provenir will be requested (if not commercially confidential).

37 Reports are available.

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