Analysis of written responses to the consultation on social security in Scotland

Analysis of responses to a public consultation to inform the content of the new Scottish Social Security Bill.

Appendix 1: List of suggestions for an alternative name for 'Claimant Charter'

Question: Can you think of another name for a 'Claimant Charter' that would suit this proposal better?

  • [Scottish] Social Security Charter (most often suggested);
  • Scottish Social Security Rights Charter;
  • Scottish Social Security Citizens Charter;
  • Scottish Charter of Rights to Social Security;
  • The Scottish Social Security Customer Charter;
  • Social Security Charter: Rights and Responsibilities;
  • Scotland's Social Security Charter of Rights and Responsibilities;
  • Charter of Income Rights and Responsibility;
  • Customers Rights and Responsibilities;
  • Citizens' Rights in Social Security;
  • Scottish Social Security Service User's Charter of Rights;
  • Charter of Rights for Accessing Social Security Entitlements;
  • Charter of Rights to Social Security;
  • Charter for Equal Treatment and Dignity;
  • A Human Rights Charter for Social Security;
  • Support for Citizens Promise;
  • Customer Promises;
  • Claimant's Rights Charter;
  • Charter of Claimant's Rights;
  • The Scottish Individual's Claimant Charter;
  • Claimant Aid: Scottish Social Standards;
  • Social Partnership Charter;
  • The Social Security Accord;
  • A Safeguard for Scots;
  • A guide for users and administrators with Justice and Dignity;
  • Citizens Charter (suggested by a few);
  • Customer Charter;
  • Recipient Charter;
  • Support Charter;
  • Social Security Users' Charter;
  • People's Charter/Person's Charter;
  • Social Support Charter;
  • Scottish Social Services Charter;
  • Social Benefit Charter;
  • Scotland's Charter;
  • Entitlement Charter;
  • Dignity and Freedom Charter;
  • Income Recompense Charter;
  • People Benefit Claimant Charter;
  • Health Related Income Charter;
  • Your Right to Social Payment;
  • Your Right to Social Security Explained;
  • Your Welfare Rights Charter;
  • Your Social Security Rights;
  • Social contract;
  • Money Matters;
  • Living Income;
  • Pounds and Pence; and
  • Scots with Additional Needs.


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