Sustainable procurement duty - impact and value analysis: research findings

Analysis of the impact and value of the sustainable procurement duty in procurement.


1. Scottish Government, Public Sector Procurement, Sustainable Procurement Duty,

2. When we refer to 'public bodies' throughout this document, we are referring to bodies to which the Procurement Reform (Scotland) Act 2014 applies. A directory of public bodies can be found here: In the context of procurement, they may also be referred to as a 'contracting authority' or 'procuring organisation'.

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5. Scottish Government, National Performance Framework,

6. In doing this, it is important that public bodies award scores appropriately, in proportion to the scale of the contract and in a way that does not unfairly benefit any particular supplier or group of suppliers. For example, it would not be appropriate to award points to a supplier just because it is an SME, although evidence of the suppliers' activities to involve SMEs in sub-contracting opportunities might be appropriate, depending on the scale of the contract.



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