Sex and gender - draft guidance: consultation analysis

Analysis of responses to the consultation on the draft guidance on the collection of data on sex and gender.

Next steps

Consultation is an essential part of the process to develop policy. It offers scope to consider opinion and expertise on proposals, with responses analysed and used as part of the process, along with a range of other information and evidence.

Reflecting the aim to develop an approach to collecting data on sex and gender across Scottish Public Bodies, that will return high quality data to better understand the needs and experiences of people in Scotland, supporting them to flourish, with no one left behind, this consultation was designed to allow respondents to share their thoughts on the proposals set out in the draft guidance

The number of responses exceeded expectations, and all respondents are thanked for their contribution. There were a range of interesting and valuable insights to explore, and the issues identified from the analysis will help inform further thinking around the approach to collecting this data across Scotland.

Beyond the top five themes noted in the Executive Summary several other points were highlighted, such as the need for more work to support intersectional analysis, need for further engagement with the academic research community, and the importance of getting this right. The issues that emerged broadly chimed with those raised in the public events and stakeholder meetings.

In April 2021 the sex and gender in data working group met again and were presented with this initial output from the consultation, to discuss the points raised and the next phase of work to develop the draft guidance.

More details on this can be found at Sex and Gender in Data Working Group - (

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