Sex and Gender in Data Working Group


This group is no longer active. It met between 2019 and 2021.

The Cabinet Secretary for Social Security and Older People announced on 20 June 2019 that the Scottish Government would establish a working group on sex and gender in data, comprised of professionals from across statistical services. The Group was led by Scotland’s Chief Statistician, Roger Halliday. 

The working group considered what guidance should be offered to public bodies on the collection, disaggregation and use of data on sex and gender, including what forms of data collection and disaggregation are most appropriate in different circumstances.

The Chief Statistician published guidance for public bodies on 22 September 2021, alongside supporting documentation:

The work of the group was documented by the Chief Statistician on the Scottish Government’s statistics blog.


  • Roger Halliday, Chief Statistician, Digital Directorate, Scottish Government (Chair)
  • Jon Hunter, Equality and Social Justice Analysis, Scottish Government
  • Simon Stockwell, Family Law Unit, Scottish Government
  • Lyndsay Wilson, National Records of Scotland: Census
  • Simon Cameron, COSLA
  • Mark Hollinsworth, Police Scotland
  • Sarah Munro, Equality and Human Rights Commission 
  • Lindsay Mathie, NHS Information Services Division
  • Sean Stronach, Equality Unit, Scottish Government
  • Catherine Davies, Office for National Statistic
  • Louise Palmer, Office for National Statistics
  • Andrew Nash, Office for National Statistics