Scottish Languages Bill (Scots version) - Gaelic and Scots commitments: consultation analysis

External analysis o responses submittit tae the Scots Government's consultation on Gaelic, Scots and a Scots Languages Bill.

Concludin Remairks

The analysis abuin spiks tae public opinions on the fower commitments that were pit in place by the Scots Government tae forder forrit the uphaudin o Gaelic and Scots leids. There is a mixter-maxter o thochts on sindry aspects o Gaelic Medium Education, a Gàidhealtachd, Bòrd na Gàidhlig, and Scots Leids. Some recurrin themes that stuid oot were the social stigmas associatit wi the uise o Gaelic and Scots in day-tae-day lives, the need for mair significant fundin and resoorces for the forderin o the twa leids, and mair in the wey o statutory provisions and legislation, especially for Scots. On the ither side o the spectrum, some respondents shared strang views aboot the redundancy o ony policies or fundin for the forderin o Gaelic and Scots, emphasisin how ony political focus on thir leids will lead tae social divisions within the country. Taen thegither, the responses present a range o positive and negative views on the Scots Government’s commitment tae uphaudin Gaelic and Scots leids, wi stieve recommendations on how tae haud forrit wi the fower commitments as reflectit abuin.



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