Air quality: key behaviours report

Report commissioned to identify key public behaviours that have the most impact on improving air quality, and to support future public engagement work. The report focuses on the actions households and the general public can take to support improving outdoor air quality.


1. Scottish Government Cleaner Air for Scotland 2 Strategy

2. Transport Scotland route map to achieve 20% reduction in car kms by 2030

3. PM2.5 refers to particles less than 2.5 micrometres in diameter; PM10 are those less than 10 micrometres.

4. For Air Quality Standards and Objectives applying in Scotland see:

5. This research is part of Hutton work on the C4 (Circular Economy) and C6 (Use of the outdoors and greenspace) topics

6. This work is taking place within the D1 air quality topic of the Strategic Research Programme.



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