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Agricultural holdings and tenant farming guide

Published: 15 Nov 2019

A guide to agricultural holdings and tenant farming.

Agricultural holdings and tenant farming guide
Improvements - Tenant farmers' amnesty

Improvements - Tenant farmers' amnesty

This Amnesty is being held under the provisions contained within Part 10, Chapter 8 of the Land Reform Act 2016 and allows a tenant farmer to record and agree improvements that they have funded, with their landlord.  At the end of the agriculture holding tenancy arrangement, these can then be considered for financial compensation.

Tenant farmers are strongly advised to begin this exercise as soon as possible as it may take around 6 months to complete.  The Amnesty expires on the 13 June 2020. 

It is the tenant farmer’s responsibility to undertake the work involved, gathering paper evidence of the improvements they have made to include proof that they have undertaken improvements at their expense.  This could include builders, drainage contractors and equipment suppliers invoices.

Photographs taken before or after the improvement, for example sheds, slurry stores, fencing and if currently underway, drainage improvements should be included in the evidence.

The Tenant Farmer's Amnesty ends on 13 June 2020

Tenant farmers should discuss, possibly negotiate, and finally, agree this with their landlord, or depending on the number of improvements made, they may wish to consult a professional agent or valuer to undertake the Amnesty exercise on their behalf.

You can find out more details of how to undertake the amnesty in the Code of Practice produced by the Tenant Farming Commissioner.

The Tenant Farming Commissioner has produced a series of advice videos:

You might also want to print off this small poster to put on your office wall to remind you to complete the Tenants Amnesty exercise before 13 June 2020.




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