Additional Support for Learning review action plan: second progress report

Progress report from the Scottish Government and COSLA providing an update on work undertaken since November 2021 and summarising the actions to be taken to deliver the recommendations from the review of implementation of additional support for learning.

Parent & Carer Engagement, Participation and Rights

The ASL review affirmed the importance of developing positive relationships between parents/carers and schools and substantial work has been undertaken in this area. There are 13 recommendations within this theme, with 4 complete and several others ongoing. Below is summary of work done to support delivery of these recommendations.

The Scottish Government and COSLA recognise that parents and carers are key partners in policy development. To ensure their voice is heard, parents and carers are represented in all of our stakeholder groups, including the Additional Support for Learning Project Board and Network, the Code of Practice Working Group, the Physical Intervention Working Group and the Doran National Strategic Commissioning Group. COSLA engages with parent and carer organisations at a national level.

We have continued with our commitment to increase the funding to Enquire, which offers confidential advice and support to parents and carers on Additional Support for Learning. Since November 2021 Enquire have responded to over 1,700 enquiries and distributed over 5,000 parents' guides. They have also launched their updated website providing parents, carers and professionals with accessible information on children's rights to additional support for learning as well as practical advice to help schools and families work together. Between April and July 2022 the website had over 60,000 views.

"The information provided to me is always helpful and clear and I always feel I am able to articulate my issue in a way that works for me. I am autistic and so often these things are not the case, so it is a very accessible service - thank you!"

Quote from a parent using Enquire

In addition to Enquire, the Scottish Government continues to fund other organisations who work closely with parents and carers to ensure their views are reflected in policy development including Scottish Traveller Education Programme (STEP), Dyslexia Scotland and CALL Scotland.

Our increased funding for the Let's Talk ASN service also provides advocacy and legal representation to parents and carers to access their rights in relation to additional support for learning.

"Please keep doing what you're doing. Parents like me need people like you – Do not ever change – You are great! Thank you from all my heart!"

Quote from a parent using Enquire

The Scottish Government and partners worked with Parent Club to publish a Family Support Directory which provides signposting for parents and carers to organisations, benefits and information across a range of topics including on additional support for learning. We also worked with Parent Club to update the information and signposting that is available on their web pages on additional support for learning to ensure that parents and carers can access the right support when they need it. This included updating the information available on support for children and young people with long Covid.



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