Achievement of Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) Levels 2015-16

This contains the results of the achievement of curriculum for excellence (CfE) levels data collection.

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Chapter 7: Achievement of CfE levels in Gàidhlig

  • The percentage of children in Gaelic Medium schools/classes achieving the expected CfE level in Gàidhlig reading, Gàidhlig writing and Gàidhlig listening & talking falls as children progress throughout the primary stages.
  • The curriculum area with the highest percentage of children achieving the CfE level expected for their stage is Gàidhlig listening & talking and lowest for Gàidhlig writing.
  • This follows the same pattern as seen for the children achieving the expected CfE levels in reading, writing and listening and talking in English.

Table 7.1: Percentage of primary pupils achieving expected CfE level in Gàidhlig

Stage Reading Writing Listening & Talking
P1 (Early Level) 82% 81% 87%
P4 (First Level) 79% 76% 87%
P7 (Second level) 72% 72% 80%


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