Accessible vehicles and equipment: scheme rules

We are looking for additional suppliers to join the Accessible Vehicles and Equipment (AVE) Scheme. This publication sets out the scheme rules and criteria suppliers must meet in order to be successfully accredited as part of the Scheme.

Who can apply

Applicants can apply to be an accredited provider if they are able to meet all of the following:

  • standard conditions
  • minimum service requirements
  • minimum requirements for accreditation categories
  • the minimum technical requirements

Standard conditions

Accredited providers must without exception meet all the standard conditions for:

  • consumer credit authority
  • insurance
  • information security
  • insolvency
  • exclusion
  • exit strategy
  • expenses
  • sustainability

Consumer credit authority

Accredited providers must have must:

  • have interim or full permission from the Financial Conduct Authority to carry out consumer credit activities throughout the period of accreditation
  • meet the costs associated with applying for authorisation, and the annual fees payable to the Financial Conduct Authority

The accredited provider must inform the Scottish Government immediately if:

  • they no longer have permission from the Financial Conduct Authority
  • their permission is withdrawn or suspended.

If they no longer have permission, their accreditation may be withdrawn.


Accredited providers must:

  • throughout accreditation have appropriate levels of insurance in place to meet their legal obligations and level of risk
  • take and meet the costs of taking appropriate advice about their insurance requirements

Information security

Accredited providers must:

  • develop and maintain an Information Security Management System and Security Management
  • appoint a suitably qualified person to act as a single contact on all security matters who will liaise with Social Security Scotland's primary contact
  • handle all data in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • They must securely
    • protect all information provided by the Scottish Government and its executive agencies
    • destroy information when no longer required using a cross-cutting shredder and/or a professional secure waste paper organisation
    • send any paper documents containing information provided by the Scottish Government and its executive agencies to ensure no unauthorised person has access


Accredited providers must notify the Scottish Government immediately if they:

  • have insufficient assets to meet their liabilities as and when they arise
  • become or are likely to become subject to any proceedings, whether in Scotland or elsewhere, related to insolvency, including any of the following:
    • administration
    • receivership
    • voluntary liquidation
    • compulsory liquidation
    • Company Voluntary Arrangement
  • become or are likely to become subject to any proceedings, whether in Scotland or elsewhere, related to:
    • dissolution
    • winding-up
    • striking off from an appropriate register
    • to otherwise cease to trade
  • are in a partnership, where any of the partners becomes or is likely to become subject to any insolvency proceedings
  • are a limited company, where any of the directors, or members in a close company, becomes or is likely to become subject to disqualification


The conditions for exclusion apply to both:

  • the accredited provider
  • any members of its administrative, management or supervisory body with powers of representation, decision or control

The accredited provider must inform us immediately if they or their members are convicted of any of the following offences:

Exit strategy

Accredited providers will develop and maintain plans and procedures for the orderly transition of their services to a successor service provider.


Accredited providers will have to pay Social Security Scotland expenses for the administration services of the mobility allowance. Social Security Scotland will charge the accredited provider annually on a full cost basis.

The full costs will be calculated based on:

  • the full salary of the staff employed solely to make the transfers and associated activities
  • a pro rata charge for staff with other duties
  • overheads including those shared with other teams, for example management and support activities
  • a proportion of other shared costs including but not limited to estate costs and corporate activities, including finance, human resources and technology

Subject to agreement, the accredited provider will also be required to reimburse the Scottish Government for any expenses reasonably incurred in the administration of the scheme.


Accredited providers should actively promote vehicles with low or zero emissions. They should give due prominence to these vehicles in marketing activities.



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