Benefit take up

Throughout this parliamentary term, we are delivering a programme of activity intended to raise awareness of social security benefits, and to ensure that people are receiving what they're entitled to.

We are working with local authorities, NHS boards, third sector organisations and a range of advice and support services to:

  • better understand the barriers preventing people from claiming benefits
  • ensure we take every reasonable step to encourage people to receive their full entitlement

Benefit take up campaigns in 2017

Spring 2017: Scotland-wide

In March 2017 we launched a first phase of activity, in partnership with Citizens Advice Scotland, to encourage people to check whether they're eligible for benefits and, if so, to apply for them.

Summer 2017: young carers

During Carers Week 2017 (12 to 18 June), we worked with Young Scot to promote Carer's Allowance to young carers (aged 16 to 24), including a programme of online and social media activity.

We continued this awareness-raising work with young carers during the Young Carer's Festival (1 to 3 August).

Young carers can find more information on eligibility and how to apply for Carer's Allowance on the Young Scot website.

We are collaborating with organisations such as Carers Trust Scotland and Carers Scotland on this work to ensure our messages are informed by their expertise and experience.

Autumn 2017: Scotland-wide

Throughout autumn we will again encourage people across Scotland to find out if they are entitled to benefits and to claim them.

This will be carried out locally, with organisations such as local authorities, NHS Boards and third sector organisations, basing it on their local needs and circumstances. We will provide support and resources.

Autumn 2017: people aged 65 and older

Focusing on people aged 65 and older, we will aim to raise their awareness of the range of social security and income maximisation mechanisms available to them, and to encourage them to take up what they are entitled to.

We will work with older people's organisations and the various relevant advice and support services to support these activities.

We will continue to support benefit take up through evaluating our campaigns and targeted media activity to refine our future activity.

Partner toolkit: you've earned it campaign

Print-ready PDFs of the campaign posters (standard and empty belly), and social media graphics are available in our Social Security Assets Google Drive.

"You've Earned It" Benefit Uptake Campaign – October 2017 Evaluation Report

Policy position papers

We have published a series of social security policy papers setting out our position on the development of the devolved benefits in Scotland.