Designing a social security agency for Scotland

We are designing a social security system that will have a strong local presence across Scotland, ensuring that it will be able to support those who need it, when they need it.

Agency configuration

Scotland's social security agency's administrative office will be headquartered in Dundee, with an additional site in Glasgow. Together these offices will create at least 1,500 jobs split evenly between the two cities.

Once fully operational the Agency will provide a local presence across Scotland, providing face-to-face support and advice, supported by centralised administrative functions.

The Social Security Scotland framework document sets out the relationship between Social Security Scotland and the Scottish Government, and the accountability structures within which the agency operates.

Find more information on the Social Security Scotland website.

Agency brand

Policy position papers

Steps to make social security more local

We want to ensure people can access the agency's services as close to home as possible. To do so we are working with a number of organisations to identify opportunities for locating agency staff with existing services to complement the support that's already out there.

As part of this work, we made a joint delivery agreement with local authority body COSLA to provide a framework for when the new social security agency is located in council buildings.

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