Social security Scotland

Social Security Scotland is an executive agency of the Scottish Government.

Its purpose is to administer the Scottish social security system effectively, in accordance with the principles in the Social Security (Scotland) Act 2018 and Charter.

We are working on the legislation that will underpin the benefits that Social Security Scotland will deliver, as well as the service design and establishment of the systems that it will use to administer these benefits.

Social Security Scotland is working closely with us to prepare to take on the delivery of benefits.

Social Security Scotland is led by Chief Executive David Wallace.

Once fully operational, Social Security Scotland will administer a total of 14 benefits, supporting 1.4 million people and providing approximately £3.5 billion in payments every year.

Once all of the benefits have been introduced, it will employ a total of 1,900 people.

There will be 750 people based at a head office in Dundee, 750 people in a second major base in Glasgow and 400 people located in communities across Scotland delivering face-to-face support to those who need it.

Social Security Scotland currently delivers Carer’s Allowance Supplement and Best Start Grant. Information on these benefits is on the website.

Further corporate information on Social Security Scotland, including the framework that sets out the relationship between the agency and the Scottish Government, its interim corporate plan and details about its management team and governance is on the Social Security website.