Private renting

A combined rent freeze and moratorium on evictions to help people through the cost crisis has been announced as part of the 2022 to 23 Programme for Government (PfG).

Many people rent their homes from a private landlord. We are working to make sure that the sector is regulated, accommodation reaches an acceptable standard, tenancies are secure and the rights of landlords and tenants are understood.


To improve standards across the private rented sector we have:


'A place to stay, a place to call home: a strategy for the private rented sector in Scotland' details our vision for the private rented sector, which is one that provides good-quality homes and high management standards, inspires consumer confidence and encourages growth through attracting increased investment.

The strategy aims to improve and grow the sector for both tenants and landlords by enabling a more effective regulatory system, introducing tougher enforcement action and attracting new investment.

More information on renting a property and on being a landlord is available on the site.



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