Deposit return scheme

We are seeking to introduce a deposit return scheme for drinks containers which, if realised, will be the first in the UK.

A deposit return scheme would help to reduce litter and improve recycling rates, representing a significant step towards achieving our zero waste ambition.

From 27 June to 25 September 2018 we ran a consultation, A deposit return scheme for Scotland, to seek views on which options will deliver the best results. 

See the consultation summary

With the deposit return scheme, we aim to:

  • increase the quantity of target materials captured for recycling
  • improve the quality of material captured, to allow for high-value recycling
  • encourage wider behaviour changes in the uses of materials
  • deliver the maximum economic and social benefit for Scotland

We are supporting Zero Waste Scotland to design a scheme that it is tailored to meet Scotland's specific needs.

Zero Waste Scotland will work closely with the business community to ensure an evidence-based approach, and carefully consider equalities and social justice issues on which the scheme may have an impact.