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Scotland House Brussels is located at the heart of the Brussels EU district. We have promoted Scottish interests and engaged with EU institutions, member states and other European organisations for over 20 years to ensure Scotland’s voice is heard.  

The partners of Scotland House Brussels are:

Our work in Brussels includes promoting Scotland’s expertise across a diverse range of policy areas. These include areas such as research and innovation, renewables, equalities and other key topics. We also host a range of events at which we showcase Scotland’s reputation for cultural excellence and renowned food, drink and hospitality.

Our location at the heart of the EU allows us to maintain a close working relationship with the EU, member states and other national and regional representations

Our goal is to understand and influence EU policies that affect Scotland’s citizens, organisations and the economy.

We aim to create opportunities for Scottish cooperation with partners across Europe to benefit from:

  • knowledge exchange
  • EU funding opportunities
  • working with a range of organisations on solutions to shared challenges
  • the sharing of values and cultural ties
  • increased visibility and influence in areas of mutual interest

Strategic objectives for 2022 to 2023.

Past events in Brussels office

Conference on the Future of Europe

The Conference on the Future of Europe provides an opportunity for citizens across Europe to take a greater role in shaping the European Union’s future through a wide-ranging series of events, debates, citizens’ panels and an interactive multilingual digital platform. It is open to European, national, regional and local authorities as well as civil society and other organisations wishing to participate – including those outside the EU with an interest in the future of Europe.  The Conference was launched in April 2021 and is due to conclude in April 2022, with a final report expected to be delivered to the Presidents of the European Commission, Council and Parliament on 9 May 2022.

On 17 March 2022, the Cabinet Secretary for Constitution, External Affairs and Culture, Angus Robertson MSP, wrote to the three co-chairs of the Executive Board overseeing work on the Conference on the Future of Europe. The Cabinet Secretary provided a written submission which draws upon a number of the Conference themes (including EU values and rights, democracy, green and inclusive economic growth and the importance of young people being at the centre of policy making). This submission offers the Scottish Government’s perspective on a range of issues where EU leadership is important and where Scotland has a unique contribution to make to Europe’s future success and prosperity. 


Director of Scotland House EU: Martin Johnson


Twitter: @ScotGovBrussels

Telephone (reception): +32 (0) 22 828 304


Scotland House Brussels
Rond-point Robert Schuman 6
1040 Bruxelles

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