Scottish City Region and Growth Deal Delivery Board


The Scottish City Region and Growth Deal Delivery Board (previously Scottish City Region Deal Delivery Board) is a joint UK Government and Scottish Government Board which was established in August 2016. It has responsibility for:

  • providing assurance and advice to Ministers regarding the Scottish City Regions Deals programme
  • the oversight, monitoring and successful implementation of Scottish City Region Deals, including the effective monitoring of issues and risks relating to the programme, in accordance with best practice and any recommendations issued by auditors or the NAO

The remit of the Board includes:

  • monitoring and supporting the successful implementation of Scottish City Region Deals and growth deals from the point of signing Heads of Terms by assessing delivery against agreed implementation plans
  • oversee and support the development of project business cases having reached the stage of Heads of Terms and where relevant coordinate their final approval with Ministers
  • agreeing common Government positions and/or required mitigations to manage developing issues, risks or any slippage to a Deal or specific project
  • agreeing, as far as is possible, common negotiation positions with the relevant localities which will underpin the negotiation of new City Region Deals or any potential future regional growth deals within Scotland


Core membership is as follows (with additional attendees as appropriate):

  • Scottish Government, Economic Development, Deputy Director
  • UKG Scotland Office Deputy Director
  • UKG Cities and Local Growth Unit Deputy Director
  • HMT / Scottish Government Finance
  • Transport Scotland as required
  • Other UKG/SG departmental/directorate representatives as required