Scottish City Region and Growth Deal Delivery Board minutes: August 2023

Minutes from the meeting of the Scottish City Region and Growth Deal Delivery Board on 30 August 2023.

Attendees and apologies

Board Members

  • Kris Krasnowski (c) KK, Scotland Office, Policy, Deputy Director
  • Karen McAvenue (c) KM, Scottish Government, Regional Economic Development Deputy Director
  • Michael Walker MW, Scottish Government, Senior Finance Business Partner

UK Government Officials

  • Elma Durdevic (r) ED, Head of City Deals and Levelling Up, Scotland Office
  • Craig Birrell CB, Team Leader, City & Growth Deals Team, Scotland Office
  • Christina Spicer CS, Senior Policy Advisor, City & Growth Deals Team, Scotland Office
  • Lauren Bruce (r) LB, Scotland Director, Union & Devolution, Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities

Scottish Government Officials

  • Anne-Marie Martin AM, Deputy Director, Regional Economic Development
  • Kate Bryson KB, Head of Regional Economic Development 
  • Kimberley Daly (r) KD, Head of Highlands, Islands and South of Scotland
  • Peter McGregor PM, Programme Manager 
  • Fiona Loynd (r) FL, Team Leader, Regional Economic Development 
  • Kate Gwynn (r) KG, Team Leader, Regional Economic Development
  • Kris Rabett KR, Finance Business Partner


  • Brennan Leslie BL, Policy Advisor, City & Growth Deals Team, Scotland Office

(r) = Joined remotley
(c) = Chair

Items and actions

Introduction and Apologies

KK welcomed everyone to the meeting.
Apologies are given on behalf of Zoe Ryan (HM Treasury) & Tia Matthews (Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities).
Minutes were approved by correspondence.

Finance Business Partner Update

An update on finance was provided by the Senior Finance Business Partner (MW).

UK Profiling Commission

An update on the profiling commission was provided by the Scotland Office (ED).

Action Tracker

Updates to the action tracker were approved.

Risk Register

Updates to the Risk Register were approved by exception.
No new risks have been added and risks 33, 37, and 38 were discussed and proposed updates accepted.

Deals Spotlight

Deal Leads updated the board on the following deals:

  • Islands Growth Deal 
  • Ayrshire Growth Deal

Operating Principles Paper

The board discussed the paper.

Any Other Business

Scotland Office Local Economic Growth Review

ED provided an update. It was agreed to come back to this at the Scottish Government / Scotland Office away-day. ED expressed an eagerness to have a Scottish Government colleague join the conversations with the board partnership in an observer capacity. This will be brought up with KG and KD separately to determine who this should be.

Scottish Government/Scotland Office Away Day

ED provided an update. and confirmed the away day is taking place on the 24th of October. Teams are working together to determine the details of the agenda. In broad terms it will cover business case development, inflation, and a review of the board among other items. 

Board expressed thier thanks.

KK and board attendees extended a thank you and best wishes to Karen McAvenue and Kate Gwynn who will be moving onto new roles. 

Date of next meeting and close

The next board is planned for 28 November 2023.

Actions From this Meeting

Actions agreed via correspondence.

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