Scottish City Region and Growth Deal Delivery Board minutes: May 2023

Minutes from the meeting of the Scottish City Region and Growth Deal Delivery Board on 31 May 2023.

Attendees and apologies


Remote attendees indicated by (r)

Board Members

  • Karen McAvenue (KM), Chair, Scottish Government, Regional Economic Development Deputy Director
  • Kris Krasnowski (KK), Chair, Scotland Office, Policy, Deputy Director
  • Michael Walker (MW), Scottish Government, Senior Finance Business Partner
  • Elma Durdevic (ED) HM Treasury, Senior Policy Adviser

UKG Officials

  • Miriam Simpson (MS), Head of City Deals and Levelling Up, SO 
  • Lizzie Davies (LD), Team Leader, City and Growth Deals Team, SO
  • Craig Birrell (CB), Team Leader, City & Growth Deals Team, SO 
  • Lauren Bruce (LB) (r), Scotland Director, Union & Devolution, DLUHC
  • Tia Matthews (TM) (r), Team Leader, City and Local Growth Deals, DLUHC
  • Fahad Sarwar (FS) (r), Head of Devolution Strategy, Policy & Engagement, HMT 
  • Zoe Ryan (ZR) (r), Union Strategy & Devolution Capability Lead, HMT

SG Officials

  • Kate Bryson (KB) Head of Regional Economic Development 
  • Kimberley Daly (KD) Head of Highlands, Islands and South of Scotland
  • Kenneth Robertson (KR) Senior Policy Officer, Regional Economic Development 
  • Peter McGregor (PM) Deals Programme Manager 


  • Brennan Leslie (BL) Policy Advisor, City & Growth Deals Team, SO

Items and actions

Welcome, introduction and apologies

KK welcomed everyone to the meeting.
MW is introduced as the interim replacement for Maria Christie.


Minutes were approved by correspondence.

Finance Business Partner Update

An update on finance was provided.

HMT/ DLUHC Finance Commission 

An update on the finance commission was provided.

Risk register

Updates to the Risk Register were approved by exception.
No new risks have been added and risks 33, 35, and 36 were discussed and proposed updates accepted.

Deals Spotlight

Deal Leads updated the board on the following deals:

  • Glasgow Growth Deal
  • Falkirk Growth Deal

Future of City Deals

The board discussed organising a workshop for board members representing Scotland Office, Scottish Government and DLUHC to look at the future of economic growth and investment and to better collaborate.

Any other business

ED set out a number of upcoming personal changes.
ED will be leaving the Treasury and joining the Scotland Office to cover MS while she is on maternity leave.
ZR will take on ED's role in Treasury and on the board. 

Date of next meeting and close

The next board is planned for 29/08/2023. UKG will remain as secretariat. 

Actions from this Meeting

Actions agreed via correspondence

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