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Flood Prevention Schemes - Guidance for Local Authorities

Guidance for Local Authorities Taking Forward Flood Prevention Schemes Under the Flood Prevention (Scotland) Act 1961

The guidance is a series of technical documents, aimed at local authorities and their professional advisors, on best practice for the promotion of flood prevention schemes under the 1961 Act. This guidance ensures consistency of approach.

The guidance will contain 10 chapters in total and together they will provide an integrated series of guidance documents with each chapter concentrating on specific aspects of identifying and evaluating flood prevention options. The guidance is intended to encourage local authorities to take a more strategic approach to flood risk management. It will also promote and encourage local authorities to work with a range of stakeholders, consulting widely and adopting a partnership approach to future flood prevention solutions.

  • Chapter 1: Introduction and Overview (not yet available)
  • Chapter 2: Statutory Process (not yet available)
  • Chapter 3: Strategic Considerations (not yet available)
  • Chapter 4: Design Standards and Technical Appraisal (not yet available)
  • Chapter 5: Economic Appraisal
  • Chapter 6: Approaches to Risk
  • Chapter 7: Environmental Appraisal (not yet available)
  • Chapter 8: Social Appraisal (not yet available)
  • Chapter 9: Project Prioritisation Methodology (not yet available)
  • Chapter 10: Post Project Evaluation (not yet available)

For further information on published chapters please see Guidance for Local Authorities documents.

Guidance for Local Authorities Taking Forward Flood Protection Schemes Under the Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009

For flood protection schemes taken forward under the Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009, local authorities should refer to the revised Chapter 5. It provides guidance on economic, social and environmental aspects of project appraisal.

The revised chapter is consistent with the Scottish Government’s aims of delivering sustainable flood risk management. It is intended to provide interim guidance on project appraisal, whilst new guidance is developed on appraisal for the whole of the flood risk management planning process.