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When to set a net-zero greenhouse gas emissions target year - information and analysis

Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateMay 24, 2018


ISBN 9781 78851 896 3 (Web only publication)
PPDAS 415366

This document is also available in pdf format (214KB)


As a result of newly available climate change statistics an addendum was published on 15/06/2018. The conclusion on page 11 has been revised to read as “Strong progress has been made in recent years, reducing Scottish emissions by 49% from the 1990 baseline.”

The html and pdf have both been updated to reflect this change.



Section 1: The importance of achieving net-zero emissions as soon as possible

Section 2: International comparisons

Section 3: Independent, expert advice

Section 4: The scale of the challenge

Section 5: The implications of setting a net-zero target date of 2050 now


References and sources of further information