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The Modern Outpatient: A collaborative Approach 2017-2020

The Modern Outpatient: A collaborative Approach 2017-2020

Friday, September 8, 2017

ISBN: 9781786529282

The Modern Outpatient is designed to avoid the need for routine planned care by predicting risk, enabling self-management, providing support and intervention only when necessary, whilst maximising the role of all clinicians across the health and social care system.

Executive Summary

Following a period of consultation The Modern Outpatient has been designed to take account of key stakeholder perspectives and opportunities for transformation which improves efficiency and puts individuals at the heart of their own care.

The current model of outpatient service delivery is unsustainable and requires an integrated health and social Care response to ensure a more sustainable and efficient approach to delivering outpatient services in the future.

Transforming the patient experience will rely more than ever on closer integration, planning and co-ordination of services across a spectrum of settings at national, regional and local level.