Youth Guarantee - No-one Left Behind: initial report

We are committed to supporting young people transition successfully into the labour market and recognise the challenges that they will face a result of the COVID-19 crisis. This ambitious plan sets out our commitment to ensuring that no young person is left behind.

Next Steps

The next steps are:

  • Continue to engage and re-engage with key stakeholders to test the recommendations.
  • Continue to aim for cross-party support for the Young Person Guarantee.
  • Engage with DWP on the Kickstart programme so we can fully design the Young Person Guarantee to provide a single programme for young people and employers.
  • Engage with the SNIB and City Deal arrangements to see what role they could play in stimulating demand.
  • Continue to gather employer support for the Young Person Guarantee.
  • Fully document the current landscape with a SWOT analysis and detail path for change and the steps required.
  • Be clear on how the funding model will work particularly given the Kickstart programme.
  • Start building the implementation plan



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