Young Person's Guarantee - implementation: progress report

Report highlighting the progress made against the initial recommendations contained within the Youth Guarantee - No-one Left Behind: initial report, as well as outlining the next steps against the commitments made in the supporting activity plan.

Foreword from Sandy Begbie

Since writing Youth Guarantee - No-One Left Behind: Initial Report[4] almost a year ago, I have been struck by the level of support for the Young Person's Guarantee and heartened to see the difference it is making. The report was heavily influenced by my own story, including the opportunities that were offered to me by others. We know more about the impact of the pandemic on young people, as well as the economy, and I believe now more than ever that implementation of the Young Person's Guarantee is imperative if Scotland is to make a difference for its young people.

My ambition and that of the Young Person's Guarantee, is that all young people must be treated fairly and supported to achieve their potential. This has driven the central tenet that we will guarantee every young person aged between 16 and 24 in Scotland, the opportunity, based on their own personal circumstances and ambitions, of a job, apprenticeship, further or higher education, training programme or volunteering. In order to do that, we must continue to work in partnership to align and simplify the offer to young people and support their transition to a valuable opportunity, which for many will shape their future. By working towards implementing the suite of recommendations, we can see tangible progress in achieving the ambition and principles set out in the initial report. This publication captures what has been achieved, as well as identifying the areas where there is still more to do. Indeed the level of transformational change required for the employability landscape cannot be delivered instantaneously. It can only be delivered by a long-term commitment, of which these are the first steps.

I also made clear in my report last year that the Young Person's Guarantee is to be the umbrella that sits above all programmes for young people; the simple journey for young people regardless of their circumstances and background. As well as helping young people to achieve their potential, the Young Person's Guarantee plays an important role in economic recovery, improving connections between young people and opportunities. Unemployment has a deep and lasting impact on individuals, society and our economy, and it is crucial that young people are connected to the economy and our shared growth and wellbeing. The response to the pandemic has been a catalyst for the Young Person's Guarantee but it is fundamentally about creating a more sustainable, simpler and effective employability model for our young people for years to come. Undoubtedly this multi-year approach can only be achieved by working in partnership to realise that change.

There is much good work underway across Scotland, and I have been excited to hear about how employers are positioning themselves and their opportunities to young people as attractive and transformational. Whilst there is much that can be improved, we must not lose sight of the good practice that exists – our challenge is to make good practice normal practice as we deliver our commitment for Scotland's young people.

Sandy Begbie

Chair, Young Person's Guarantee Implementation Group



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