Women's health plan: easy read

Easy read version of the women’s health plan.

Part 2

What we want

We want all women and girls in Scotland to enjoy the best health throughout their lives.

There are 4 parts:

1. Healthcare should be respectful and change to suit to individual needs.

2. Women should have all the information they need about their health.

3. Healthcare professionals should work together to help women and girls.

4. Healthcare should be given in new and different ways.


This Plan has 4 principles:

1. Addressing inequalities

There are unfair differences in people's health. These are called inequalities. Healthcare services should understand these so everyone is treated equally.

2. A life time approach

Women and girls have different health needs at different times in their lives. Services should understand this and help girls and women throughout their lives.

3. Gender equality

Many different things shape women's lives and experiences. Services should understand and respond to this.

4. Respectful and inclusive

Everyone who uses and gives healthcare services has the right to be treated with respect and dignity.


Email: womenshealthplan@gov.scot

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