Women's health plan: easy read

Easy read version of the women’s health plan.

Part 1

Why we need a Women's Health Plan

Women and girls have certain health needs.

Women and girls do not always get equal healthcare to men.

Equality means everyone has equal access and services that they need. Some people might need extra support to access services.

Information tells us women and girls have certain needs. This can be due to issues only women have like periods and pregnancy. It can also be related to general health, like heart health.

What women told us

We did a survey and spoke to women online. We heard from over 400 women.

Women told us:

  • They want to be able to choose when and how they access health services and support.
  • They want a website with information about women's health.
  • They think healthcare professionals should know more about women's health.


Email: womenshealthplan@gov.scot

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