Women's experiences of discrimination and the impact on health: research

Findings from research on how women in Scotland experience discrimination and how it affects their health


The participants in the focus groups of this project are gratefully acknowledged. Their honest and open discussion of difficult experiences provided much needed insight into how women encounter discrimination in relation to their health.

The ALLIANCE are acknowledged for the hard work and collaboration on this project. In particular Jennifer Stewart was fantastic in her work recruiting participants and supporting all stages of the project.

The Research Advisory Group, made up of policy and research colleagues at the Scottish Government are acknowledged and thanked for their input in the project. Their steering of the project and advice on things like the topic guide, recruitment strategies and preliminary findings was valued by the lead researcher.

The PhD intern, Kerry Gillespie, was fundamental in delivering the second part of this project. Without her, the focus groups would have not run as smoothly and the analysis would have not been as rich. Ana Alonso Curbelo was also an amazingly hard worker and great collaborator on the final phase, as part of her PhD internship. The Scottish Graduate School of Social Science is acknowledged for funding Kerry and Ana's internships.

The Scottish Government colleagues within the Health and Social Care Analysis Division provided research guidance and support that made the project what it was. Rachel Anderson and Katherine Myant in particular are recognised for their support. Jess Boddice did a great job creating the quantitative graphs.

The Economic and Social Research Council funded Dr Laura Tinner's fellowship and materials to undertake this work.


Email: socialresearch@gov.scot

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