Winter preparation advice for farmers and crofters: October 2018

Update from Agricultural Weather Advisory Panel in relation to planning for winter.

The Agricultural Weather Advisory Panel met in early October and discussed the medium term outlook and ways in which farmers and crofters can be prepared for winter.

The current general forecast for the coming months is for the weather to be mild and wet for most. These are typical winter conditions for Scotland with the extreme weather conditions of the past two years being considered as out of the ordinary.

However, while the forecast for winter this year may not present extreme concerns at the moment, experience of the past two years indicates that it is always better to be prepared. This includes:

  • ensuring you have enough fuel and stock up on extra if you need to
  • considering whether your business interruption insurance coverage is sufficient
  • ensuring you have planned sources of fodder, including considering the merits of entering into longer term animal feed and fodder supply contracts
  • if you are concerned, speaking to your bank about your financial situation as soon as possible will assist with financial planning over the longer term and may also help to smooth out any short to medium term cash-flow issues. The banks are there to help farm businesses plan for their future
  • engaging with sources of advice and support, such as the Farm Advisory Service
  • identifying opportunities for local collaboration in the event of extreme weather conditions

If you need any help or farm business advice please consider contacting:

Look out for your own welfare and don't hesitate to speak early to friends or relatives, or phone one of the care organisations such as:

In addition, the National Farmers Union of Scotland (NFUS) has previously offered some hints and tips.




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