Wildlife crime in Scotland: 2020 annual report

The ninth wildlife crime annual report, with new data from the financial year 2019 to 2020.

6. Police Scotland

From October 2020 to October 2021 Police Scotland delivered Operation Wingspan in collaboration with our partners. This operation focussed on each of the NPCC wildlife crime priorities in turn and comprised a social media strategy that obtained a reach of 1.6 million, and the enforcement element included the employment of innovative investigative tactics that led to significant arrests / charges for serious wildlife crimes including the taking of peregrine falcon chicks from the wild, poaching and hare coursing.

At the UK Wildlife Crime Enforcers Awards in December Police Scotland won three awards, which was the majority of awards on officer: Wildlife Crime Enforcer of the Year (PC Steven, Wildlife Crime Liaison Officer, Lothians and Scottish Borders), Certificate of Merit (PC Ben Pacholek, Wildlife Crime Liaison Officer, Fife) and Enforcement Operation of the Year (Operation Wingspan).

Regular training opportunities are provided to Wildlife Crime Officers including a recent raptor persecution crime scene work shop, whereby officers developed their skills regarding forensic seizure of carcasses and evidence, recognition of poisoning and the criminal use of traps and snares.


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